Buy Land In Ibeju-Lekki Lagos - Retire Young, Retire Rich Lekki Promo For Century Park Estate

Buy Land For Sale In Lagos At Ibeju Lekki Free Trade Zone - Cheap Plots Of Land For Sale In Lekki  Lagos


PRICE: N2, 500, 000.00 per plot Ouright, PLOT SIZE: 500 SQM (PROMO)
PRICE: N1, 500, 000 per plot; PLOT SIZE: 250  SQM  (PROMO)

The project site which is located off Km 46 Lekki-Epe Expressway, Eluju, Ibeju -Lekki Local Government Area of Lagos State and its about 2 minutes’ drive from the Ibeju – Lekki L.G.A Secretariat. It is a few minutes drive to Amen Estate and is about 10 minutes’ drive from Mayfair Gardens, 6 minutes’ drive to Eleko beach and 15 - 20 minutes’ drive to the Lekki Free Trade Zone.

There are several notable landmarks before the project. These include Lagos Business School, Crown Estate, Farapark, Green Springs School, sapphire Gardens, Mayfair gardens and Beechwood estate.

The first phase of Century Park Estate, Ibeju-Lekki comprises of 30 plots of land, each plot measuring 500 SQM and 30 plots of land measuring 300 SQM each. Plots sizes of 800 SQM and 3000 SQM are also available for interested investors.

The Century Park Estate, Phase I,  project is conceived and developed by ArkBridge Integrated Limited as a medium-scale luxury residential development and it is being designed to attract a selected few with great passion for the serenity and eloquent ambience this location offers.

This project is offering all prospective subscribers the latest innovations in modern architectural designs and planning in terms of construction and the eventual development, facility management and security within the New Lekki Model City thus set to attract the upper middle level income earners living within and outside the Lagos metropolis.

The Estate has a number of differentiating features that’s guaranteed to provide residents of this serviced estate with great comfort and serene life in a very unique living environment. The entire layout would be properly laid out for the convenience, suitable ambiance and pleasurable living the location offers. The unique features include:
  • Modern prototype designs
  • Beautiful ocean and lagoon view
  • Exotic landscape and greenery
  • Strictly private and exclusive environment
  • Location of Estate management office
  • Appointment of a reputable facility management company
The plots will be sold to prospective subscribers or residents who are ready to comply and abide with the Estate Covenants. The title document to be obtained by a prospective subscriber shall be a duly executed Deed of Assignment and a Registered Survey Plan. At the subscriber’s instance, the Deed of Assignment and other documents or titles we would release to you can also be perfected by our appointed solicitors – Ivory Solicitors.
The Estate is covered by the Eluju Village excision located within the Ibeju-Lekki Local Government Area which can be confirmed at the Lagos State lands bureau in Alausa.
The Estate would be fully secured and residents are fully protected from every form of Omo-Onile troubles or future charges. All fees and payments as regards the property would be taken care of and handled by the management of Century Park Estate, Phase I, Ibeju Lekki – ArkBridge Integrated Limited thereby foreclosing any form of incidence, interface, harassments or interactions with third parties such as traditional family owners or “Omo-Onile”.

The Estate offers the following infrastructure and support services:
  • Perimeter fencing of the entire estate with security posts and gate houses
  • Provision of bore holes and water facilities around the estate.
  • Good drainage system round the estate
  • Motorable road network connecting each zone
  • Connecting the estate to the national grid to provide power.
 Please find attached the installment plans for the phase 1 and other promo docs that can help with your decisions.

Best Regards,

FRUEBI Nathaniel School, 
COO, ArkBridge Integrated Limited

Reasons You Should Buy Our Promo Now!

Within the recently unveiled Lagos Lekki Master Plan, IBEJU-LEKKI has been designed to become the Emerging Industrial, Commercial, Investment and Tourists Capital City of the New Lagos. This is the Same Commercial cum Industrial hub where you’ll find the Lekki Free Trade Zone (LFTZ), Lekki Int’l Cargo Airport, The Lekki Int’l Deep Sea Port, the $900M Dangote Refinery, La Champagne Tropicana & Many Other Multi trillion dollars- National Investments Guaranteed to Help Increase Your Own Return on Investments Within This Emerging Commercial Nerve Centre of the New Lagos.

...It’s affordable, trendy, a great investment!

An early investment into emerging areas with strong market indicators, fundamentals and other development potentials for the future such as forecast of future population explosion, real estate investment drives and key public investment in core infrastructures for the future has always remained one of the greatest and secured systems for anyone to build massive wealth. Real Estate investment is the only investment that is real because properties have always been generally known to be relatively stable in value and constantly increase in price over the years. This is why property investment has always remained the most guaranteed vehicle and safe haven for multiplying money.


This is Exactly What Buying Into Our Century Park Estate Project Brands In Ibeju-Lekki Offers You!

The coastal city of Lekki is the heart beat of the Mega-city plan of Lagos state. It represents a base that accommodates the overflow pressures of Lagos Island, Victoria Island and Ikoyi. And in line with the Lagos State Government’s (LASG) plan to make Lagos easily achieve that Mega-City status, the Lekki Free Trade Zone has been designated as the new investment, business & tourism haven of the state.

The Lekki International Free Trade Zone (LFTZ) also gives this region another opportunity to increase substantially in value in the near future because of the high volume of business transactions and activities expected to take place within the area. The LFTZ has been designed to thrive in the production and manufacturing of goods, oil & gas, import & export trade, trans-shipment, tourism and real estate.

The Lekki Free-Trade Zone makes Ibeju- Lekki, a spectacular investment opportunity. The Lagos State Government has committed to build an International Cargo Airport and a Deep Seaport around the Lekki Free-Trade Zone. Work has already commenced and is currently ongoing on both projects which have been said to have reached some advanced stage.Properties within the region have been speculated to increase their values within the next 15 years and would even be much more than the current Lekki Phase 1 region. Many Mega-Industrial Projects have already been launched and have commenced operations thus causing the area to rise in value - grown over 100% in the last one year.Our Century Park Estate, Ibeju-Lekki brands provides an excellent personal investment opportunity for you to OWN a landed property with great titles within the proposed new commercial nerve centre of the Future Lagos - IBEJU-LEKKI. IBEJU-LEKKI home to Lekki Phase 3 is the emerging Commercial City of the Future Lagos and this is your best opportunity to OWN this priceless Property for pennies by investing today!

"Unlike other developed economies of the world, where Home Ownership, Infrastructural and Real Estate Developments Technologies are already at an advanced phase, we’re yet to even scratch the surface in Nigeria and this opportunity is still at the ground level. The demand for housing, real estate products and services is still astronomically high in Nigeria and our government alone cannot help provide the much needed solutions hence this exclusive investment opportunity for smart investors like you. In a country of about 170 Million people, where over 150 million people are still living as tenants without homes or properties of their OWN, the future remains very bleak for tenants and non investors in the real estate market as such people will eventually have to pay through their NOSES for land and shelter related products when they keep waiting to BUY THE FUTURE.

And they’ll continually remain helpless in the FACE of yearly increase of rents or be subjected to the power play of DEMAND and SUPPLY emerging from market forces.

It’s MUCH Cheaper To Invest in Your Future When You Buy Today!

Understanding the principal reason why property values go up is an obvious key to successful property investment. You see, the basic elements that makes a property value to go up are simple and very predictable, and that is why this particular property can and will make you rich. For example, a 1000 SQM plot of land within the Lekki phase 1 Project was sold in 1995 by the Lagos State Government to its original subscribers for between N600, 000 – N2M per plot. Just fast forward the hand of time to 2012, the same property was being sold for over N80m and today 2015; it’s currently valued at over N120M.

Most people wonder at such explosive value increase, but savvy investors who understood the game were fast to take the advantage of the window of opportunity. The fact is that real estate is local in nature, and the major factors that drive its value are caused within its community. The key therefore is getting the most of the market condition, and understand the basis for what will cause value increases on any property.

LOCATION: Our CENTURY PARK ESTATE, Phase 1, is a 6 acre project that is located off KM 46,Lekki-Epe Expressway, Eluju some few minutes’ drive before the Eleko Junction. It’s about 15 Minutes Drive to the Lekki International Airport located around Elerangbe area, the Lekki Free Trade Zone Complex (LFTZ), The Lekki International Deep Sea Port, Dangote Refinery & Greenfield Refinery all located along the Eleko Coastal Beach Road in Ibeju-Lekki LGA.

LOCATION: Our CENTURY PARK ESTATE, Phase 2, is a 20 acre project that is about 10 Minutes Drive From the Lekki Free Trade Zone Complex (LFTZ), The Lekki International Deep Sea Port, Dangote Refinery & Greenfield Refinery all located along the Eleko Coastal Beach Road in Ibeju-Lekki LGA.

LOCATION: Our CENTURY PARK ESTATE, Phase 3, is a 15 acre project that is about 2 Minutes Drive From the Lekki Free Trade Zone Complex (LFTZ), The Lekki International Deep Sea Port, Dangote Refinery, Indomie Power Oil Refinery & Greenfield Refinery all located along the Eleko Coastal Beach Road in Ibeju-Lekki LGA. This is also the same neighbourhood and region where you’ll find the LaCampaigne Tropicana Resort Centre, Eko Resorts Centre, Ibeju-Lekki Int’l Golf Course and Obafemi Awolowo Centre for Democracy. Other popular estate developments around the area include the Amen Estate, Lekki Palms Estate, Eleko Beach Resort, Century Park Estate and Pen Gardens Estate.


Outright payment options attracts some 5% discounts

ESTATE BENEFITS: Here Are the 14 Real Time Benefits Savvy Real Estate Investors Like You Would Always Enjoy When They Make The Right Investment Decisions And Invest in Plots & Acres of Land Within This Project:

1. You’ll Never Suffer Omo Onile Troubles, Wahala & Experience Any Period of Oppression

2. You’ll Get Guaranteed Returns on Your Investments – Over 200% ROIs in 36 Months

3. You’ll Enjoy Huge Savings & Great Discounts Investing in A SOLID Lekki Property!

4. You’ll Be Owning Properties That’ll Boost Your Financial Networth

5. You’ll Add One of the Best in- Demand Real Assets To Your Real Estate Portfolio!

6. We Help Secure Your Property - You Enjoy Round The Clock Security of Your Investment

7. Your Land is Free From All Forms of Govt. Encumbrances & Committed Acquisition

8. Your Land is Protected From Land Thieves & Grabbers Until You’re Ready To Build

9. You’ll be Living or Owning Properties in A Well Planned Luxury Estate

10. Opportunity to Live Amongst Sophisticated People With Class & Premium Taste

11. Enjoy Living in the Heart of An Emerging African Dubai – the LFTZ region

12. You’ll Pay Far Less To Process & Register Govt. Recognized Titles For Your Property.

13. You Don’t Have To Sand Fill The Property As Land is Not Swampy At All But White Sand

14. You’ll Be Totally Free From The Usual Bureaucracies & Financially Sapping Hassles Often Associated With Processing the Relevant Government Recognized Documentations Including The Individually Registered Surveys For Your Plot(s) As Your Property SHALL Be Entirely Covered By The Global Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) For The Estate Which We Shall Be Processing For Our Dream Parks & Gardens, Phase 1, Estate Scheme. 

ESTATE FEATURES: Interlocking & Paved Streets, Solar Powered Street Lights, 24 Hour Security Posts and guards, SME Business Districts, Drainage Systems, Playground, Green Parks & Relaxation Centre, Sports Courts, Gym & Fitness Centre, Schools, Estate Administration & Management Block, Community Centre, Library, Estate Club House, Clinic & Hospital, ATM Cash Centres, Shopping Complex & Market. 

Call Nathaniel On 09097398949: Quote Oge for Quick Attention

ArkBridge Integrated Limited – Nigeria’s Leading Inventor of Excellently Crafted Communities is introducing Century Park Estate, Phase I into the New Lekki Model City, Lagos environs which would bring a new real estate culture and lifestyle experience with the objective of attracting the crème-de-la-crème of the nation which largely comprises of foreigners, the upwardly mobile busy executives, top civil servants, highly successful businessmen and other interested personalities residing within and outside Lagos State or Nigerians and Real Estate Investors living in Diaspora.

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Abu Alimran said...

Hello Nairalanders, i have this land facing Lasu iba express way all round fenced for sale at rate of 70million Naira Negotiable,

[b]Available document[/b]: Family Receipt, survey plan,

[b]Side attract[/b]: facing expressway, close to Lagos state university, close to Iba New site estate and alot more

[b]NOTE[/b]: This is dry Land...

Good for filling Station, churches, shopping mall,event center,schools and lot more..

Serious Buyer should contact Whatsapp [b]08085310359[/b] For inspection or call [b]08033588797[/b]


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